Sohan sweets


SOHAN one of the most popular and the most nutritious traditional sweets Iranian, nutritious ingredients like wheat germ, saffron, cardamom, butter, flour, egg yolk, pistachio and rosewater and its produced to traditional manner without preservatives. Each of these raw materials include many of properties medicinal and nutritional that SOHAN that distinguishes it from other sweets. This delicious and nutritious product can be used as a perfect snack during the day.

SAHABs export management company backed by the best manufactures SOHAN country to introduce marketing and sales of this product in world markets. Until, it is sweet with a pleasant souvenir of other nations to the palate.

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Sohans history

SOHAN is a traditional pastry baking the mixture of wheat flour, wheat malt, sugar and oil is being prepared and texture is very compact and light brown.

The exact history SOHAN attributed to the Qajar period, in the years 1289 to 1290 (Hijri) was when HAZRATE MASOMEH shrine in the holy city of Qom onyx floor is opened, Qom great celebratory action to open up the floor, And the Nasser al-Din Shah were invited to attend this ceremony, But based on the circumstances of the time, especially security issues Nasser al-Din Shah, succession (Chairman of the Qajar tribe) sent his to Qom to attend. During the ceremony, according to the customs of each period in order to respect elders gave gifts to represent the Shah such as crafts and so on.

And in the meantime a man named Mullah Ibrahim Shamaei to offer added sugar SAMANOO which was presented to representative. After spending lunch, his desire that the test of these sweets to welcome.

And according to them, he was told that these products digested my food such as file. He said:” I take this good confectionary to Shah”, so from that time it was the name of the file on this Halva. And then began SOHAN production and consumption for the elders and nobles. SOHAN Halva ingredients initially include: flour, sugar, oil, saffron, cardamom and rose water. First, this Halva turns to softness of halva. Gradually, being by adding ingredients such as eggs yolk and wheat germ, stiff and brittle properties were added to the sweets that which leads to more lasting. The remaining eggs yolk oil helps in composition and lack of land cases.

The number of factories producing SOHAN was not more than 4 to 5. But now, about 600-700 factories confectionary workshops is active in Qom.


Sohans nutritional value

According to the raw materials used in the production SOHAN that contains protein – carbohydrates and vitamins A and E and various B and lecithin, amino acids and fatty acids are absorbed and fuel oil cholesterol and facilitate digestion And numerous energetic (calories for every 100 grams of 572/9 is released) and flora down (to low-fat form of water and high temperatures during baking and shelf life above) is important. This product is due to the abundance of wheat germ, protein has a fantastic great source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B and E and C. In addition to, the major elements are phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. So, SOHAN property lies in the wheat germ.

  • In old medicine wheat germ eliminates the infection in the blood and growth and development of children and strengthens the body in women after childbirth and neurological ward was used. Wheat germ has naturally sugars in the product due to energy storage in muscles and improves muscle function and prevent are fatigue and lethargy. To prepare the SOHAN, of butter or vegetable oils are used.
  • Add fat to SOHAN, to increase the calories, and taste, smell, chew and adds shelf life of the product. Of course, the dramatic flavor is butter fat and sugar when cooking with cardamom and toffee-like flavor to the SOHAN. But do not forget, butter increased your cholesterol, triglycerides and also weight. SOHAN to sweeten sugar in the baking industry, and most importantly, improve the color is added as a preservative. And egg protein and fat due to a large part of vitamins and nutritional values product adds to the tenderness and freshness. Given the importance of color and flavors of saffron, in the SOHAN is necessary used of this product. Saffron can reduce blood fat and cholesterol. Saffron is sedative, appetizer, antispasmodic, prevention of heart disease and cancer, and lowering blood pressure and memory booster amplifier is sexual.