About us

SAHABs export management company in order to meet the needs of industrial production units and tasks related to export including: marketing and shipping of orders has started its activities.

 The export management company is one of the types of export intermediaries to help firms in order to enter global markets plays a role. Depending on the circumstances and needs of these companies can manage all or part of the export activities of small and medium firms undertake.

 This type of company is a fully independent company as an exclusive export sales department exporters acts.  A management company to manage the export companies, expert a formal contract with them closes in some cases they will accept on behalf of all goods line. Usually they have the exclusive right to sell in the all foreign markets. Usually they have the exclusive right to sell in the all foreign markets. Export management company services to identify and stimulate demand in international markets as well as the processing and the correct answer to the demand of foreign markets to foreign trade enterprises to facilitate the export production. As a result, businesses entering global markets benefit and export management company is also creating long-term relationship between the exporter and the buyer benefits.

SAHABs export management company having successful business in the field of footwear, SOHAN and sweets, furniture and food in the Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, the United Arabic Emirates, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, prepared in cooperate with production units in order to export its services.