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بلوک سبک اتوکلاو شده (AAC)

Autoclaved Autoclave Block (AAC)

The Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Block (AAC) was invented in mid-1920 by the Swedish architect and inventor, Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson, working with Professor Henrik Kreügerat the Royal Institute of Technology. The product is produced from a combination of raw materials including silica, cement, lime, water and aluminum powder. The raw material should be carefully monitored during the production process in order to combine proportions at a certain timing. After that, we will observe a high-resistivity porous concrete block due to gas bubbles, which is considered as a desirable product in the construction industry. This producthas been introduced as a green material in environmental science conferences in Europe and the United States, due to a unique combination of durability and high strength, as well as low weight.






The most Important Advantages of the Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Block Kibex


Earthquake Resistant

Kibex blocks are lightweight because of the very porous structure that can take and transmit the least amount of vibration power of the building. For this reason, this product is highly resistant to earthquake.

Environmental Compatibility

The AAC blocks of Kibexare perfectly compatible with the environment in a way that is not harmful to nature and does not produce toxic foam against fire.

Fire Resistant

Kibex blocks are not flammable due to cellular structure and bubble shape, and they resist for a temperature of 1500 ° C for 5 to 6 hours.

Resistant to Pests

The inorganic structure, as well as the lack of free space in the Kibex blocks, prevents the pollution and penetration of insects and animals into the building and makes the structures safer.

Sound and Radiation Insulation

The presence of detached air bubbles in the Kibex blocks has led the product to act as a sound insulation in the building and absorb any sound waves at 50 dB as well as the microwave rays. This is considered as a significant advantage in residential and commercial buildings and it is in accordance with the 18th National Building Regulations.

Resistant to Humidity

Kibex blocks have cellular microscopic structure of air vents, which makes it resistant to water penetration.

Thermal Insulation

This advantage in the Kibex blocks has kept the indoor temperature of the building away from the external temperature, and the cost of the installation (heating and cooling) is reduced by about 30%. In other words, in order to approach the 19th National Building Regulations, the use of these blocks is recommended.

Weight Reduction of the Building

The Kibex blocks are very lightweight, which can dramatically reduce the dead load of the building. So that for the use of these blocks, 20-30% of the bars in the structure is reduced. Due to the flatness of this product, the use of plaster and mortar is minimized, which saves costs.

High Workability and Flexibility

Kibex blocks can be easily sawed, nailed, drilled, and furrowed, which can significantly improve the speed of the construction and reduce the cost and waste in the building.


Other Benefits

Reducing energy in the production of this product is 10% more than conventional materials

Increasing the speed of work progress which is about 5-6 times faster

Reducing the cost of leveling surfaces due to the smooth surface of AAC blocks






Consulting, training and replying to questions of the customers, engineers, contractors and architects through telephone or at the project site: (Our service team declares its preparation for training our respectable customers and consulting them about the benefits of building with AACKibex blocks without any additional cost).

The team of Kibex experts, if willing, can visit the location of the project and determine the amount of space and all the consumables materials (such as blocks, adhesives, fittings, etc.).

At the request of the customers, the technical and executive team of the complex can be located at the project site and carry out activities related to bonding of the blocks.

Kibexteam ensures all its products for high-quality and it assures customers that they have produced building blocks in accordance with national and international standards.




Table of Technical Specifications

Type of Product Sound Reduction


Fire Resistance Compressive


Thermal Conductivity Normal Dry Density
Lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block 50 db 6 hr 3.5 N/mm2 0.12 w/mk 450-550 kg/m3





Table of Technical Specifications

N Size Weight


No of Pcs

(per m3)


Work in Sq.

(per m3)

Adhesive used per square meter (per m3/ kg)
1 60O24O8 5/76 86 12/5 2
2 60O24O10 7 69 10 2/5
3 60O24O15 11 46 6/6 4
4 60O24O20 13/5 34 5 6
5 60O20O8 4/8 104 12/5 2
6 60O20O15 9 55 6/6 3/7
7 60O20O20 12 41 5 5











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